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January 2018 announcement

We apologize for the mess right now. We are rolling out an all new and easier to use website this month with several exciting new titles just released from Dr. Jose Gonzales and Dr. Michelle Wolfe among others. Please stop back later in the week to see these titles. In the meanwhile, all of our titles are available on Amazon.com and other major retailers.

The Constitution of the United States of America:

With Biographies of the Founding Fathers and the American Presidency


by Michael J. Hollis, Ph.D.


Originally produced as a classroom supplement, this quick reference guide to the American Constitution and presidency has become indispensable for a variety of scholars and everyday readers. It provides a copy of the Constitution, biographies of the founding fathers, a quick description of the three branches of government, and biographies of all of the U.S. presidents.





Airplane Flying Handbook


This handbook is an impressive 271 pages of full color illustrations and photographs outlining every component of how to fly an airplane in easy to understand language. Originally developed by the FAA, this book has become the standard bearer in fight instruction today. Fairhaven Press is proud to have contract with the US Government to produce this book for all flight students today.



Anna Karenina


by Count Lev Niolayevich Tolstoy


Arguably the finest work of written art ever produced, Anna Karenina was the masterpiece of Leo Tolstoy. Produced in installments over five years, the full work wasn't seen together until 1878. This timeless story is presented in paperback and ebook forms.



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