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About Us


Fairhaven Press is an experiment. We are attempting to transform the way that academic research and publishing is viewed. One of the greatest challenges of being a professor today is spending all of your time doing research that few people will ever read. By brining together academics, industry, and the general public, we are hoping to break down barriers between academia, industry and the public.


One goal is to make academic research more accessible and more responsive to the needs of industry and the public, without sacrificing academic independence and integrity in the meanwhile. FHP provides a space for authors/ researchers to engage the public and industry into their research. We also help promote quality writing skills among academics to make their writing more appealing to the public. Many titles will only appeal to a narrow audience. Some will technical, others won't. We will try to show which is which on the product pages. The goal however is to see a dramatic increase in the readable quality of academic writing.


We are not however limited to academic writing. We also take on literary authors (nonfiction and some fiction) who write in one of our genres.



Fairhaven Press was founded in 2011 by a group of professors who had strong literary or journalistic backgrounds. Our aim was to provide a venue for academic scholarship written for a mass audience. We are headquartered in Austin, Texas but have people scattered through the Southern US, Pacific Northwest, Latin America and Europe. We are hoping to continue expanding globally.


We currently have three types of books that we publish:


1. Our primary category remains academic or intellectual titles that are written for a mass audience. The key to these titles is a combination of strong writing skill and solid academic information.


2. Our secondary category is with reference books and out-of-print titles. Reference books remain one of the best-selling categories in print books. They are nice to have as collectibles and daily reference items. There are also many out-of-print titles that are seminal to our fields of research. We carefully restore and bring back to life these key titles.


3. Our third category are those books that are needed for specific schools & organizations. We regularly partner with schools, universities and individual faculty members to produce books that are specifically needed but not currently available. If you are wondering why we published a specific title because it doesn't fit one of the first two categories, this is probably the answer. Somewhere out there, someone asked for the book, so we produced it. If you have a suggestion, feel free to get in touch.


Our Genres


We are often asked about the rationale for our genres, as they don't appear on the surface to have an underlying theme. The answer is simple: They represent the academic fields that our founders work in and are qualified to edit, select and promote.


Those genres are (in no particular order):


1. Culture, travel and religion: We have a lot of experience with anthropology and cultural studies with Fairhaven Press. We are also experienced travelers and have taught in religious schools as well as secular. These are all fields that we have strong background and interest in. There are a number of cultural, travel and religious studies books in various stages of production right now.


2. Music:  We equally have a lot of people with teaching and performing experience in music. We specialize in string music and have launched the String Music Archaeology and String Music Library projects to study the early history and cultural impacts of string music and stringed instruments. We anticipate a number of titles being released in this area in the foreseeable future.


3. Communication, current events and literature: Again, most of us come from a literary or journalistic background. As such, all topics in these lines are open to consideration. We don't do much in fiction, but make exceptions when it is a good fit for us or if there is another compelling reason to.


4. Education and research: A number of our faculty teach education courses and have extensive pedagogical research. We anticipate some future titles in this field.


5. Transportation and STEM: A couple of our founders have extensive experience with mechanical and aeronautical engineering. While a bit of a stretch from our other works, we have authors working on fascinating research in the field of STEM education with particular focus on the automotive and aeronautical fields.


Types of Publishing Companies


There are effectively four types of book publishing companies today. It is important to know where Fairhaven Press fits in and who are peers are. This is particularly true for any authors who wish to publish with us.


1. The Big Five: There are five mega-publishers out there who dominate the world of book publishing. We are clearly not one of them. They tend to specialize in best-selling authors and books exclusively for mass demand. Individual titles from the Big 5 tend to sell anywhere from 5,000 to 500,000 copies. It is rare that any of their titles sell less than 12,000 copies.


2. The Academic Publishers: Despite our name, we are not yet in this category. Academic publishing houses tend to have a similar goal to us. They take academic titles and promote them to a mass audience. Incidentally, most of them are not profitable but are actually subsidized by their universities. Oxford University Press and a few others are big enough to stand alone and make quite healthy profits. Sales tend to vary between houses, but are typically much smaller than the Big 5. On average, a title will sell about 3,000 copies.


3. Independent Presses: This is where Fairhaven Press fits in. Indie presses range from large to tiny, with most on the smaller side. We are not affiliated with other organizations and often have a specific niche or genre. FHP is predominantly academic with five major genres. Sales also tend to vary. On average an indie press will sell between 500 and 5,000 copies of a book. The truly tiny indies will sell between 75 and 3,000 copies of each book. An average would probably be closer to 1,500 copies for a mid-sized indie press and as few as 500 on average for a micro-press.


4. The Self-Publishing Options: There are actually a wide range of self-publishing options from pure self-publishing all the way up to a vanity press. These are all pay-to-play operations. No traditional publisher will ever charge an author for publishing. Self-published authors on average sell about 200 copies of their book, mostly to family and friends.




If you are interested in writing for us, we will be posting detailed writer's guidelines soon. In the meanwhile, feel free to contact for more information.