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Authors of Recent Titles



Miranda Wilson is an internationally performing cellist and author. She is Associate Professor of Cello at the University of Idaho and Co-Artistic Director of the Idaho Bach Festival.


Gill Tennant is the author of Mellow Cello. She is an author and cellist currently residing in Orkney, in the far north end of the United Kingdom. Her working life was spent teach the cello, but she returned to her first love, writing, when physical problems restricted her ability to play. Orkney is truly a writer’s inspiration.  She has been a published author and cellist since the age of 5 and is currently working on her next collection of short stories.



Dr. Jose Gonzales is a researcher and professor in Texas. He began life as a migrant laborer in the Texas Rio Grande Valley.  He was in the Marine Corps during Vietnam and later went on to start his own business. A career change saw him move into academia and teaching. Never losing sight of his roots, Dr. Gonzales continues to volunteer with migrant student groups, inspiring new generations of migrant students to pursue academic careers. His study of those who succeeded was the basis for From the Fields to the Classroom. He is also working on a new research project to study ways of getting education out of the classroom.



Dr. Michelle Wolfe was a researcher and author on the subject of why the media ignores climate change. She was tragically killed in an accident just after finishing her draft on the book. She was working on a new version that would appeal to a larger audience. All proceeds from the sale of her existing title are going to environmental charities in her name. Dr. Wolfe is from Seattle, Washington and was a professor in Austin, Texas at the time of her passing.



Dr. Michael Hollis is a researcher with a wide range of interests. His professional career has mostly been spent in communications and education. He has been a military journalist for the Army, a political communications consultant for a number of Congressional campaigns and a professor at the US Air Force Academy. He is currently  working on a number of research project while continuing to write about music, communication and education. He was the editor on our Constitution title. Dr. Hollis is from San Antonio, Texas and has lived throughout the Southern US, Pacific Northwest, and Rocky Mountain regions of the country.