Mellow Cello

A Collection of Short Stories for Cellists


by Gill Tennant




5x8” B&W, Nov 1, 2018

198 pgs., 30 illus.


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From the Author


    After being forced to stop playing cello, I began inventing stories about and for cellists. A few have a humorous link to the instrument. Others are about the players, the music, or the inspiration behind both.

    The timespan is more than the entire span of the existence of the cello as an instrument. Some concern its development from its roots in Italy. A number include a great deal of musical history, some none. Sometimes the edges between fiction and fact are juxtaposed.


About the Author


     Gill Tennant is an author and cellist currently residing in Orkney, in the far north end of the United Kingdom. Her working life was spent teaching the cello, but she returned to her first love, writing, when physical problems restricted her ability to play. Orkney is truly a writer’s inspiration.

     At the age of 5, Gill became both a published author and began the cello. After having a nine year junior exhibition at the Royal College of Music in London, these two strands, writing and cello playing have dominated and alternated throughout her career as a cello teacher in Wales and into her current occupation of writing.

     A strong desire to teach runs through some of her work, but she believes all education should be fun and self-motivated. Her hobbies are goat keeping and archaeology, and a move to the Orkney isles off Scotland’s northern coast have given her the inspiration and ideal surroundings to do both. The Neolithic axe head she found whilst field-walking is now displayed in the museum. These short stories about and for cellists were written as a break from completing a novel set in the Neolithic.

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"Gill Tennant is a writer who can tell a tale. A knowledgeable historian, Gill  has skillfully combined her stories with the cello's actual past." - Marie H.


"Gill Tennant’s words flow onto the page and into stories that are sly, enthralling and sublime.  Although initially intended for musicians, the scope of Mellow Cello is far broader and will appeal to bibliophiles everywhere." - Annie W.


"Gill’s stories are full of facts that had me exclaiming ‘well I never knew that! ‘ I love the fact that they are set in different ages and one story reveals a pay-back from an earlier story but each story is entire of itself.. They are entertaining and educational at the same time. I will be recommending them to my friends and pupils."  - Olwynn A.


"This wee volume is truly delightful! A collection of short stories themed around the cello, although there the similarity ends. Each "bite-size" tale is a standalone - perfect for a bedtime treat at the end of a busy day! Highly recommended!" - Jenny M.


"From prehistory to space travel it's amazing to find such a range of stories unified by a single theme." - Don O.




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