Stringed Instruments of the Middle Ages: An Illustrated History Guide


H. Panum & J. Pulver










6.14 X 9.21"

504 pages, B&W


Stringed Instruments of the Middle Ages


Fairhaven Press is proud to publish another historically significant title in the String Music Archaeology series. The String Music Archaeology series consists of both original scholarship and reproductions of important out-of-press titles. This book is republished from the original 1940 text by Panum and Pulver. This title is being republished due to its critical research in the evolution of stringed instruments during the Middle Ages.


This period in history saw some of the most interesting developments in how modern stringed instruments were formed. Panum and Pulver explore the early history of stringed instruments and how they evolved spread around the world during this time period. This text is a critical handbook in fully understanding an important period in the history of stringed instrument development.


This text is useful for scholars of string music as well as anyone interested in learning how modern instruments came to be. It is being republished primarily for my own students, but all should feel free to read and learn. This text is provided with ample illustrations for each category of instrument covered. Unlike the other versions available elsewhere, we have gone to great lengths to improve the quality of each image in the title.


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