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From the Fields to the Classroom:

Narrative Case Studies of Four Migrant Workers Who Found Success in Academia


Dr. José Michael Gonzáles







102 pages, B&W


From the Fields to the Classroom


This book presents a quick overview of the struggles and successes of four people who began life as the children of migrant laborers in the Texas Rio Grande Valley. All four participants were successful in completing graduate degree despite being raised in communities that offered limited academic preparation and support. It is a narrative case study that examines commonalities between their four stories. It seeks out common themes such as internal drive and family support that were the keys to their success. It offers up suggestions for university officials, students, and family members supporting migrant students on the road to academic success. The author, Dr. Gonzáles, is also from a migrant labor community in the Texas Rio Grande Valley. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps, started several businesses, completed his Ph.D. and is a community activist. He currently resides in San Antonio, Texas.


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