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Christmas Season 2019

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We have a handful of special offers this Christmas season, available until they are sold out.

Classical Sheet Music For

Solo Violin


This title has sold thousands of copies and has repeatedly been listed as an Amazon best seller in the category of violin sheet music. It was one of early titles however and we are quite embarrassed by a rather glaring typo on the cover. We still have quite a few copies left from this old print run and are therefore offering them up at a special rate. This title will be retired soon as we create a new line of spiral press music titles. Get it while you can!





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Classical Sheet Music for Solo Violin

Emily Rose

Paperback: 978-1939497024


8.5 x 11, 284pgs,, 2012


This book is a large selection of sheet music from classical composers focused on solo violin for the intermediate or advanced students. Includes 114 selections from Bach's Sonatas and Partitas, Nicolo Paganini's Caprices, Rodolphe Kreutzer's Etudes, Pierra Rode's Caprices, Pietro Rivelli's Caprices, and additional selections. Most of these can be rather advanced but is good practice involving a lot of seminal works in violin study.